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Going Through a Motion
Trying to go forward
But I don't know who for
Yet you always had a knack
To encourage me to do more
And I want to give up
But I remember things you say
So thank you for helping me
Go through the motions of another day
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Guiding Light
Do you believe in the heavens above?
Do you believe in love?
Do you think if you lie
that its false and untrue?
Do you fear what will come back to you?
The dust in your eyes
is making you cry
then a storm will brew
What are you gonna do?
The disappointment starts
stored behind your heart
and empty dreams confront
I know you feel ready to give up
because of your unlucky love
The wind in your eyes
is making you cry
then a storm will brew
Don't know what to do
Believe in the love
in heaven above
Your choices will come back to you
When it gets in your eyes
making you cry
Here's what I will do
I'll come comfort you
I'll help you find love
in heaven above
I'll be your angel
I'll be your angel
all night
I'll be your angel
Spare you from danger
each night
all night
So when it gets in your eyes
making you cry
Here's what I will do
I'll come comfort you
When you're lookin for love
from heaven above
I'll be your angel
I'll be your angel
I'll be your angel
Spare you from da
:iconthemaddpoetess:TheMaddPoetess 0 0
The weather outside is cold
Powdered snow is falling
As the days grow cold
The timber wolf is calling
I hear his voice in the distance
I envision the golden moon
As my mind goes into a trance
Of the sunrise coming soon
I can almost see it now
Hear his footsteps drawing near
See his paw prints on the ground
And his icy blue eyes clear
So I smile as he arrives
He'll watch over me one more night
:iconthemaddpoetess:TheMaddPoetess 1 0
Growing Pains
Why did you have to leave me?
The time now passes slow.
I wanted to go with you.
I just feel so alone.
I wanted time to stop,
So all our time could last.
I just grew up too fast.
I had to be a parent,
When I was still a child.
I can't go back now.
I wish I could turn back time.
I wish I could die,
But I can't and neither can your spirit.
I had to face the fact,
That I just grew up too fast.
It had to be my fault.
I'm dwelling on my past.
You did it all for me.
I couldn't make it last.
The happiness left my heart,
My life,
My song,
As I looked at the sky,
You're close but still so far.
Is it wrong or right,
How I live my life?
Your hand is on my shoulder ,
And will be all my life.
Ghosts were imprinted against stars,
On a backdrop of black.
Guided by memory,
I can go back,
To my innocent childhood,
Before it fades into night.
I wish we hadn't grown apart,
So far and now that we can't restart.
Guided by the stars on a backdrop of black.
I wish I hadn't grown up so fast.
:iconthemaddpoetess:TheMaddPoetess 0 0
Ground Zero
Does it hurt when you know how I've done?
Does it hurt?
I did it without you.
And it's like when you feel that you've won
Does it hurt like....
You know too much
Grown away.
Fly away.
And not proud....No.
Like I'll never doubt you....
Fallen down.
Hit the ground.
Does it hurt?
When I know you're through....
Is it bright like the sun?
Like crystal rain....
Washed away.
Paved away.
When THEY loved you.
Then you stay away...
From me.
Does it hurt when I can't feel you?
In the end
We fall down....
Hit the ground.
Does it burn?
Like a pyre....
Run away.
Hung high.
Fallen down.
Hit the ground.
And I know we're through.
Fallen angels.....
Run away.
Strings of feathers.....
:iconthemaddpoetess:TheMaddPoetess 2 2
Grew with You
I never really knew
Until I met you
What love felt like
When it was true
We're two of a kind.
You saw me through.....
I never knew what love was
Until I grew with you....
:iconthemaddpoetess:TheMaddPoetess 0 0
The color of life
Of flowers, plants
And creeping vines
The color of peace
The olive branch
In a pure white dove's beak
The color that speaks
Crying out with peace and life
To all humanity
So is it any surprise..
That our world is less green?
:iconthemaddpoetess:TheMaddPoetess 1 1
Good Luck
At times like these
I like to look
For a really special gift
A very special present
That only I can give
But who can fit into a box the special times we shared
Sometimes we fought
Sometimes we laughed
And we always  
Always cared
But who can put into words the things that only sisters say
The jokes
The pokes
The nicknames
And the times there wasn't much to say
So I'm thinking about what I'll miss the most
About my ....unique big sister
Kind of annoying
And not always perfect
But hey...
I'm still gonna miss her
:iconthemaddpoetess:TheMaddPoetess 0 0
I'm giving up again
And staying down this time
If I do nothing for a while
I can't mess up your lives
I'll leave as soon as possible
I know you want me gone
I'll never contact you again
I won't waste your time
I'm giving up on me
I'm giving up on life
Things won't improve much, will they?
God give you better times
I'll leave as soon as possible
Don't remember me when I'm gone
:iconthemaddpoetess:TheMaddPoetess 1 0
Golden and Pain
Tears fall like crystal
On the velvet  stair
Ghosts stride the lamppost
So loose, and care
Of the end of the beginning
Or the spitfire of the flame
Or a warrior with no blade edge
Or a province with no name
Tears of blood
Fall and stain
Like a newborn sunbleed
Or forsaken summer rain
The ebony of the cedar oak
Or salt of a royal bath
Or a corn husk of a heartland
Or sting of purple ash
I see you in colors
Of golden and pain
I see through the shields
Of the crystal rain
Tears of crystal serum
Bleed from scratch and stain
I see you through the drink of gods
On the brink of golden pain
:iconthemaddpoetess:TheMaddPoetess 0 0
Mature content
Golden Child :iconthemaddpoetess:TheMaddPoetess 1 1
Golden Thunder
Golden thunder
Amidst my feather bed
Though light of lightning
I shall not dread
Nor these goblins pouncing
Sugared dreams in my head
Golden stars
Against a navy velvet blanket
Each morning comes anew
And the spinster remakes it
Happiness becomes inherent
So we need not fake it
Golden thunder
Warm and bright
By my side
Each and every night
And when it gets tough
It just seems right
To reach aside and grab a star
To simply hold you tight...
:iconthemaddpoetess:TheMaddPoetess 0 0
Glass Prison
Are you done telling me what I want to hear
What you knew would make me stay
Are you through with my body
Through with my soul
Done tearing my heart
So dear
Now owned
Tigers caged aren't beautiful
Bottled butterflies laid out and put to pasture
By undeath
So deaf
So blind
So numb to everything
When you walk me through it
I know what to do
I know no one's eyes but yours
And any other hand
Has a carpenter's touch
I'd warm no bed but yours
Only for your approval
Only for your acceptance...
For the glass of my prison never breaks
And my wings have fallen dry with dust
High on a nectar
Sick on your strokes
Beautiful and under glass like you wanted...
Until death do us part
Until death do us part...
So deaf
So blind
So numb to my world
To all but my master's hand....
:iconthemaddpoetess:TheMaddPoetess 0 0
Ghost Stories-Full Version
In the end...
Dreams are just  a myth.
Fall into....
This world
Of raging remembrance....
In the end...
You just don't see
All the things I know
Nothing but a ghost story.
Saints sinning..
Coming home.
In the end....
In the end.
We will take a stand
I said it.
I remember you....
From stories of my past
Falling into..
Little habits.
Bloodied salts in the bath
Falling into....
And a broken path.
Dreams and all euphoria
Catch my breath.
And sing...
I remember all your
Misted strains
From a ghost story....
In the end...
We're flesh and bone.
But never be discouraged
I wrote it in a ghost story.
That still is told today....
In a long forgotten dream
We sailed a denser sea
And sometimes you can hear it....
As it all flew away.
Just tell me long dead ghost stories....
Just one day.
Just one night.
In remembrance....
Drown the dreams and children.
In their ageless ghost stories
:iconthemaddpoetess:TheMaddPoetess 0 0
Shattering fast.
You can see right through,
This heart of glass.
A sickening mass.
Smeared and punctured,
On these shards of glass.
Cleared away,
As if it would never last.
Now it's just a memory.
My broken heart of glass...
:iconthemaddpoetess:TheMaddPoetess 0 2
I'm just not strong enough
To get to know you
I'm just not strong enough
And I know you feel that too
I thought we'd last a lifetime
Lifetimes of me and you
But that life is a ghost in lovers' past
And that love is overdue
I used to have a dream
Sweet dreams of  you and me
And that fantasy became
The only thing that I could see
I used to deal with the fact
That the special boy I loved
Was never coming back again
Became a man and had gone
I used to see past your reclusive treatment
Your reclusive love of me
It was all that was mine and when tables turned
You turned around and needed me
And you know all too well that I've heard it all
That I was your only one
If I needed just a hand to hold
But I really needed love
And a game is a game
A game always ends
Right where it all began
The sunlight ran out over you
Just around the bend
I thought we'd last forever
But we all make that mistake
Of giving more than getting
In a world of give and take
I didn't want to say goodbye
To the on
:iconthemaddpoetess:TheMaddPoetess 0 2

I'm a writer,novice digital artist,and I also enjoy dabbling in graphic design and desktop publishing.I am also working toward producing books and comics.I will be opening commisions for character design services and hopefully later this year I can afford to recover my poems and start the process of developing a poetry anthology.

My current goals are leaning towards graphic design and desktop publishing.I have been rather frequent on oekaki boards lately and I'm more or less focusing mostly on going back and rehashing my drawing style and learning some newer graphics programs.In addition to poetry I write stories and also articles.

Among my other projects are the development of HaevenArts,an artist community centered around oekaki boards but with the added bonus of forums,chatrooms,additional drawing tools and more.You can check it out at

I also stream on Twitch with live character designs every week. Check out my Twitch channel at


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Find me on Twitter via @themeinav!


I happened to pop in here and noticed my DA is very overdue for an update.

I will be getting that in sometime soon since a lot of things have changed with my projects.

In the meantime I'm not dead......yet...

Stay tuned for updates!


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